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SARS compliance is crucial for any tax registered business, and accuracy is essential. We specialise in the compilation of statutory returns and are able to lodge objections with SARS where disputes arise. Our expert team offers a full spectrum of comprehensive financial advisory and tax compliance services for businesses of every size.

To learn how we can help your business with all aspects of taxation, contact us today.

Ensure tax compliance with expert auditors

Every business must comply with SARS regulations in order to remain in good standing with the tax authorities and avoid legal complications.

At the same time, business owners who approach the process of company taxes in a strategic manner can avoid an unnecessarily high tax bill while fulfilling their obligations in terms of South Africa income tax legislation.

Striking the balance between full compliance and strategic tax planning requires a wealth of expert knowledge – and that’s exactly what the West-Evans team offers business owners through our tax compliance service.

All-encompassing tax compliance services for companies of every size

Our taxation service includes:

  • Compilation, submission, and maintenance of the following SARS company tax documents: VAT -201, PAYE EMP-201, IT-12, IT-14, IRP-6, EMP-501
  • Annual financial and statutory returns
  • Tax submissions
  • Querying disputed amounts and negotiating repayment of back taxes
  • Obtaining tax clearance certificates
  • Tax consulting with an emphasis on strategic cost saving
  • Corporate restructuring
  • Donations Tax and Estate planning

Avoid penalties and streamline your tax compliance.

With SARS becoming increasingly strict about tax compliance and new legislation that makes incorrect submissions punishable by law, no South African business can afford to make mistakes when it comes to tax compliance.

Avoid the stress and uncertainty of dealing with rapidly changing tax laws by putting your trust in an expert team.

At West-Evans, our tax and accounting specialists, with decades of collective experience, will guide your enterprise through the complex taxation process and help you to ensure full SARS compliance.