Financial Statements | Compilation of Financial Statements

Are your financial statements a cornerstone of financial planning and business strategy? We can help you monitor the growth and profitability of your business objectively.

The financial performance of every business is expressed in a standard set of financial statements – and these documents are more than just a tax compliance requirement.

A set of professional financial documents is the only way to monitor the growth and profitability of your business objectively.

Compliance and peace of mind

West-Evans produces a full range of financial statements for businesses of any size. These include:

  • Balance Sheet – a financial snapshot of the business that shows the value of assets, liabilities and equity on a given date.
  • Income statement – a summary of the company’s revenue and expenses over a period of time, usually the past month, 3 months, or year.
  • Statement of Cash Flows – a statement that traces every cent of income and expenses that flowed through the business over a given period.

Financial statements that power your management decisions

  • Our management accounting expertise allows us to produce detailed reports on inventory turnover, return on investment for individual projects and company divisions, and accounts receivable, giving business owners a powerful resource to make important strategic decisions.
  • In addition to standard financial statements, we also create comprehensive tax-related documents and handle company tax submissions to SARS with an emphasis on compliance and the elimination of unnecessary expenses.
  • Our taxation department comprises a team of SAICA registered accountants and tax practitioners who prepare financial statements according to IFRS and IFRS for SME best practices with full Companies Act and SARS regulatory compliance.

Who do you trust with your financial statements?

Putting your trust in West-Evans to handle your accounting and taxation needs is an investment in accurate and credible financial reporting, top-level strategic consulting, and worry-free tax compliance.

We look forward to meeting with you in the near future to discuss your company’s specific accounting and auditing needs.