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Annual Audit | Auditing & Assurance Services

A comprehensive audit is a powerful sign of credibility for every business. We conduct our audits by strictly adhering to the agreed-upon procedures in terms of the International Standards on Auditing and other accompanying standards to ensure accurate reporting of your company’s financial performance.


Financial Statements | Compilation and Independent Review of Financial Statements

Your company’s balance sheet, income statement, cash flow statement, and other crucial financial documents must be absolutely correct in order to meet annual audit and tax compliance standards. We carry out the compilation of financial statements in terms of IFRS for SMEs and annual financial statements for sole proprietors, Partnerships, Trusts and Body Corporates.


Independent Review | Annual Financial Compliance for SMEs

Smaller businesses may not require a full annual audit but an independent review of all financial statements and accounting records is necessary to ensure legal compliance. Our expert teams are equipped to provide this service in line with industry best practices, the Companies Act and SARS regulations.


Advisory Services | Financial Advisory Services

Our holistic approach and years of experience in the accounting, finance, and auditing field and our extensive client base give West-Evans a unique business consulting  advantage. From corporate structuring and restructuring to BBBEE compliance and comprehensive due diligence and valuations, we apply expert financial modelling to our clients’ financials while keeping a strong focus on the business environment in which they operate.


Taxation Compliance | Tax Compliance Services

SARS compliance is crucial for any tax compliant business, and accuracy is essential. We specialise in the compilation of statutory returns and are able to lodge objections with SARS where disputes arise. Our expert team offers a full spectrum of comprehensive financial advisory and tax compliance services for businesses of every size


Secretarial Services | Corporate Secretarial Services

Beyond tax return submissions, companies are required to file CIPC returns on an annual basis. We deal with these matters on behalf of clients and also handle registrations, submissions, entity changes and maintain permanent statutory information for our clients on an ongoing basis.


Accounting, Bookkeeping & Payroll | Accounting & Payroll Services

We produce accurate financial records and compile interim financial statements on a regular basis to aid in tax compliance and provide key financial insights to the management. Our payroll management system allows our clients to track salaries, wages, and deductions for their employees with ease.