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Annual Audit and Assurance

Your company’s annual audit is a mandatory verification of its financial statements – but it’s more than just a business expense. There are key insights hidden in your audit that could help you boost the competitiveness of your enterprise.

Are you looking for a trusted relationship with experienced financial experts? West-Evans can help your business grow.

Compliance meets financial analysis

At West-Evans, our auditing and assurance services experts approach annual financial statement audits as an opportunity to deliver powerful insights and expertise to owners and stakeholders.

  • We use industry benchmarked methodologies and a holistic view of companies to raise the quality of every audit we do and highlight the risks faced by the business.
  • This crucial information gives stakeholders a strategic toolkit to identify and mitigate these risks.

We don’t just tick boxes

Traditional audits are sometimes carried out as a matter of course to comply with regulations: an unavoidable cost of doing business. The annual audits we produce at West-Evans provide an immediate picture of your company’s true financial health.

  • We base our audit process on the stringent requirements of the International Auditing Standards (ISA’s) and streamline each audit to avoid wasteful steps that don’t add value to your bottom line.
  • The result is a customised annual audit that ensures compliance while serving as a highly specific strategic management tool.
  • Our unique audit approach identifies potential threats to business assets and future erosion of earnings, allowing management to exercise control and implement policies to improve efficiency, boost profitability, and secure the company’s assets in the long term.

What type of audit does your business require?

In terms of the Companies Act, some types of companies are obliged to conduct an annual audit, while others can opt for an independent review or even satisfy regulatory requirements without an audit or review.

To find out what type of annual financial statements your business is required to compile, and to learn more about our strategic approach to auditing, contact the West-Evans team today.